Find out what constitutes baby food in Italy and how it is different from what Americans feed their children.

Image by 5686750 from Pixabay

Italians feeding their babies is more art than science. Trust me. I learned the hard way. My husband, a native Italian, and I brought our son to Italy for long stretches at a time starting when he was 6 months old.

I’m Italian American, and I have been visiting the…

This mom is seeking more than a job. She’s looking for a little humanity.

Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

Any day after September 26, 2011 (when I became a first-time mom)

To whom it may concern:

I’m writing to apply to the position of visible human being. I think I’d be a good fit for this job because of my extensive experience in the nearly 33 years I spent…

Find out about one woman’s resurrection after the evil eye killed her spirit.

Image by Bruno Marques Designer from Pixabay

Francesca Di Meglio, the girl, was finished off in April 2004. It marked the end of a life characterized by determination, grit, meatballs, and warding off the malocchio or evil eye.

Many Italians believe in the malocchio, the idea that someone, who is either jealous, angry, or mean can cause…

The soccer season in Italy is launching August 21, and there is so much on which to keep tabs. Get ready to keep your eyes on the goal.

Image by graphi from Pixabay

If your heart is beating a little faster and you can hear the smack of a foot hitting the ball, you just might be ready for Italy’s Serie A to launch on August 21. The new Serie A season promises great drama, entertainment, and maybe a few surprises.

The Sun Rising Again on Serie A

While Serie…

Find out about the etiquette and experience of having dinner at Italian restaurants in Italy.

This is a typical dish at an Italian restaurant in Italy. Photo by Francesca Di Meglio

Americans are usually befuddled by Italian restaurants in Italy. The experience is nothing like the one back in the United States. Obviously, nine times out of 10 the food is much better in Italy. But it’s much more than a difference in cuisine.

Learn about what you can expect when…

Discover the underestimated city and the three islands in the Bay of Naples: Ischia, Procida, and Capri.

A trip to Naples or one of its islands, such as Ischia (pictured here), is a dream. Photo by Francesca Di Meglio

Naples is overlooked, underestimated, and misunderstood by most outsiders, especially Americans. But the city’s rich history, vibrant culture, and extraordinary character and contributions make it worth your attention. The biggest draws, however, are its three islands. Capri, Ischia, and Procida are precious gems that have attracted visitors for generations.


Get insider tips and tricks from someone who has lived on the Neapolitan island of Ischia and plan a blockbuster vacation.

Ischia is known for its beautiful beaches, which you find at virtually every turn. Photo by Francesca Di Meglio

The beauty of the island of Ischia in Italy is its simplicity. Known as l’Isola Verde or the the Green Island, Ischia is the largest of the three Neapolitan islands that also include Capri and Procida. The island is 19 miles off the coast of Naples, and is about 18…

Discover the charming island of brightly colored buildings, black sand beaches, and giant lemons.

Image by mario fumagalli from Pixabay

Few people know of Procida, a small island off the coast of Naples in Italy. Overshadowed by the neighboring islands Ischia and Capri, Procida offers untouched beauty and far more tranquility. Perhaps, you will recognize it as the setting of the critically acclaimed film “Il Postino.” A few scenes of…

Francesca Di Meglio

Francesca Di Meglio is a veteran reporter who has worked for Bloomberg Businessweek and Ladies’ Home Journal. Visit for her blog.

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